Text Generative AI courseware

Text Generative AI courseware

AI Fundamentals Courseware

English | 2023 | Publishing Date: 26/09/2023 | Hardcopy
AI Fundamentals Courseware

The AI Fundamentals courseware offers an AI training course designed for professionals in business or government environments who want to understand the benefits and applications of AI in their work environment. This course covers topics such as data management for AI, building and assessing AI applications, ethics and trustworthiness, and organizational success factors for enabling humans and machines to work together.


The course addresses key questions such as “Where does Data Management end and AI application begin?” from a management perspective. Subjects covered include the applications and benefits of AI, data and robots, predictions and algorithms, machine and deep learning, building and reviewing AI applications, data management for AI, ethics and trustworthiness, organizational success factors for helping humans and machines work together, and the future of AI.


This courseware educates for three certifications within it’s three-day combined program. 
It’s also possible to cut the material in pieces for a module teaching approach. 

  • The EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Essentials, testing the fundamental concepts of AI. 
  • This AI for Business and Government certification (the AI Brevet) which was established by the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) as a standard for professionals who want to use Artificial Intelligence. 
  • EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Foundation, which has a more IT-technical perspective.
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Standards Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
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Publish Date 26 sep. 2023
Author Reinier van den Biggelaar
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